Invest in Ona. Invest in your business.

Ona Corporation provides a complete, high quality service, as a leading company in the management of own or third-party assets. All this with the added protection of our brand as well as global and individual strategies. We analyse, assess, define and implement action plans for the better management of hotels, resorts and real estate by evaluating your internal processes. We have hotel and business experts with much experience in the field of management and knowledge of all operative, financial, and real estate related aspects.



Sales Management and Commercialisation
A good commercialisation strategy is essential to reach corporate goals. Do you know which sales channels you have, and how much each of them is costing you? We design efficient, profitable commercialisation plans.

Investment and Disinvestment Strategies
Throughout our history, we have specialised ourselves in creating commercial strategies in order to get positive results from disinvestment. The renewed powering of commercial activities and management is considered a key factor.

Investor Search
We advise and accompany you during your search for investors and we help you get the best deals in order to make your dream project come true.

Feasibility Studies
All our analysis teams and tools are available to you in order to present you a secure, reliable project, as our management model is one of our great strengths.

Complete Rehabilitation Projects
We advise you on the complete rehabilitation with our team of architects and technicians, in technical, aesthetic and productivity-related aspects, in order to obtain the ideal result.

Strategic Online and Offline Marketing Plans
We advise you on strategic marketing plans and implement them from start to finish. Increase your website’s visibility, identify your clients and know what they expect from you. Both online and offline, we make sure that you are always one step ahead.

Online Reputation
Know what your clients think of you. Know your online reputation and find your strong and weak points in order to develop better strategies and set the right goals. Your reputation is your best business card.

Management Strategies
Our complete team is available to you in order to apply our modern commercial management model to your own business and investments, based on the positive result of our own group in the last couple of years.