Our consultancy services make your wheels turn faster.

Ona Corporation carries out all the necessary analysis and consultancy work to make sure that the management processes become the engine behind a project, and not the brakes. From construction and re-modelling projects, HR, work protocols, etc. all the way to new technologies; our experts will help you shape your plans.

Managed areas:
Construction and Design
Our team of experts is able to advise you and carry out whole projects in the fields of interior design, re-modelling or partial and complete construction projects. All this while considering your products and your individual needs. We can start from scratch or work with what you already have, in order to turn your hotel into what your guests expect from it.
Hotel Management
At Ona Corporation, we know that the internal management of a hotel is essential for the satisfaction of our guests. Starting from reception all the way to cleaning and maintaining rooms, every little detail counts. This is why we have created protocols and management systems for all types of products, with the aim of making work processes more efficient and to create unique experiences for your guests. At the same time, this leads to savings and more efficient management, which means that the perfect combination of cost savings and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Stock rotation, menu design, protocols, management systems, sales, and much more. Managing a restaurant is so much more than just having a good chef, and an important part of your guests’ experience. This is why we develop creative, innovative concepts for your gastronomic offer; we even organise gastronomic theme parties.
Sales in the Hotel
Sales activities in the establishment itself are an important revenue channel for a hotel. Ona Corporation develops sales strategies which fit a hotel’s philosophy. In doing so, our reception areas become points of help and information, not only sales. Thanks to appropriate, focused training programmes, we improve the encounters between guests and hotel staff. Our hotel staff become representatives of our brand who look after the well-being of both the guests and the hotel.